Elizabeth Maria Farrell

Elizabeth Maria Farrell (they / she) is a queer autistic Latinx writer, artist & activist based in San Antonio, TX. Prior to founding Lizard Letter, Liz worked in fundraising and communications with Global Health Corps, a global health nonprofit based in New York City. Liz has extensive experience in digital design, nonprofit marketing & communications, fundraising strategy, and project management, Prior to Global Health Corps, Liz worked as Executive Assistant to the CEO at Icreon Tech Inc., a digital agency in New York City. While attending Wesleyan University in Connecticut, Liz used her time living abroad to work as a translator with La Fondation Scelles in Paris, France. During this time, Liz worked in both French and English, translating and editing the organization's United Nations conference proposal and review regarding international sex trafficking policies and cultural practices. Liz has extensive experience working in both Spanish and French in conversational and professional settings, having first started learning Spanish as a child growing up in South Texas. Liz graduated in 2017 with a honors degree in Sociology and International Relations from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT.

Table Manners

TW: Racial violence Growing up, my parents’ house rules for their daughter were: Don’t get married, don’t get pregnant, don’t drink & drive, and don’t call the Police. At the time, I understood these rules only insofar as they laid restrictions on my social life, not yet recognizing that, for each rule, there was a […]


13 Pound Vendida

Reconstructing Outmoded Christian Ideologies in 2020 TW: Police Violence, Racism & Homophobia in the Christian Faith My first memory of ever going to Mass was with my Godmother, when she insisted upon my attending Sunday School at Our Lady of Grace so that I could have my First Communion with our family priest (an old […]


World Peace

Written in honor of Brad Dehart and Matthew Mondragon ISA Dreamers, Rest In Power REQUIRED READING: BYSTANDER INTERVENTION TRAINING TW: Casual Ableism, Alcoholism, Drug Use & Disregard For Human Life I saw a Documentary Film once called “Miss Congeniality”. It was written about my Tía, but they had to call it ‘Chick Lit Fiction’ for […]



Okay has to be one of the most used and useless words in the English language. When someone asks me if I’m “okay,” what are they asking, exactly? They definitely don’t actually want to know how I’m doing, which, for many years, I really thought was the whole point. Whenever I respond honestly and say […]



I found a nest in the woods today. I almost walked right by it, but the careful woodwork and tender shelter caught my eye. I couldn’t help but be delighted (thrilled!) by my discovery. What a strange and beautiful labor of love to have stumbled upon on a Saturday morning walk. My imagination filled with […]